Just past Beacon Rock State Park is Beacon Rock Golf Course.  This golf course has majestic views, great climate and is situated at a scenic part of the Columbia River Gorge.  You can look up at the Beacon Rock monolith, across at the Columbia Gorge, or over at the Boneville Dam.  There is a grill/cafe that has a must-have Bacon Burger.  The course operates in winter months as well

The course was started in 1971 by devoted locals looking for a great spot to golf.  Now this course is a landmark within  the Gorge and the North Boneville, WA  area.  Several clubs and groups are regulars here but it is usually not terribly difficult to get tee times on this course.

If you are looking for a great day out golfing in the Gorge this is a fantastic spot to visit. It will beat some of the Portland golf crowds and provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to drive out towards the Columbia River or  put with the massive Boneville Dam stretching out behind  you.


As of 2012 rates vary from weekends at 9 holes $12.00 and 18 holes $21.00.   There are also discounts for special tee times and club specials as well as birthday specials.


The course hosts tournament year round.  You can check out the Beacon Rock Golf Course website for more info.


The Beacon Rock Golf Course has a women’s and men’s golf club.  Both are part of the Oregon Golf Association and abide by USGA rules, regulations and handicap rules.


Helpful Rescources

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