Biking Hood River, Hood Vista Ride

Cycling in Hood River,  Oregon is both scenic and paced to any level cyclist.  The Hood Vista Ride is a shorter ride through orchards, hillsides, and of course the vista of Mt Hood.  This ride does not have many hills but there are a few short ones.   It follows 35 up from Hood River and then goes on the old highway west of 35 through some small villages up the foothills of Hood.  The road has a few sharp curves where motorists can’t see you so this ride is for those who don’t mind having no bike lane and tight sides.

Follow the map above for the course this ride follows.  Watch fast-moving cars on the main roads.  This is a great summer ride.  Winter weekends it is not recommended due to increased Mt Hood ski traffic.  There are some wineries, farms and orchards to pass along the ride.  Hood River has some great rides east and west of town that can be coupled with this ride as well as riding near Hood.

Extra Biking Info for this Ride

Use the yellow man in the Google Map above to drag over the ride and see a street view of the entire ride.

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