Cascade Locks Short Hike


The Cascade Locks Short Hike is geared towards walkers looking for a very short and easy 1 to 3 mile hike with options for dogs, children or elderly folks looking for an easy walk along the Columbia River with great views, shade and small vistas.    This short walk stats at the Bridge of the Gods and walks west towards Portland along the paved bike/walking trail north of and adjacent to I-84. You return via the same route.  This trail offers great views of Bridge of the Gods and good peeks at the river just below the path.

Hikeing Route Beta

Start at BOG in Cascade Locks. There is a good parking lot under the west tip of the bridge just as the main street hits the onramp to I-84 West.

Enter the bike-path/walking-path that is well labeled at this lot and walk toward Portland (west).  The trail is very well maintained and is a great season round hike.

Return at any point via the same trail.  you can take a slightly long option and hike all the way to eagle creek where you will pass under I-84 and get great views just above the roadway and river.  This adds some slightly longer distance onto the walk.

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