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Cigar Rock

Cigar Rock is a unique geologic feature.  This rock pinnacle rises from the 200+ high basalt cliff along the Columbia River just east of Washougal.  The feature can be seen by hiking the trail that starts one mile west of Cape Horn overlook on highway 14.  Find an obvious large pull-off on 14 and hike…

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Cape Horn Overlook

Cape Horn is a scenic overlook located on highway 14 just outside of Washougal. It is about 7 miles east of Washougal and can no to be missed. this vista has a small pull-off suitable for cars or bikes. You get a breathtaking view looking up the Columbia River Gorge and Beacon rock can be…

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Crown Point Overlook

Crown Point is located along the Columbia Historic highway and is near the Vista House high above the Gorge.  It is a very popular hill climb to the overlook and is a great spot to drive to one of the best vistas in the Columbia Gorge.

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