Cigar Rock is a unique geologic feature.  This rock pinnacle rises from the 200+ high basalt cliff along the Columbia River just east of Washougal.  The feature can be seen by hiking the trail that starts one mile west of Cape Horn overlook on highway 14.  Find an obvious large pull-off on 14 and hike towards the Columbia River.  The walk should only take a few minutes.  When you arrive at a trail that goes east and west, cross over this and walk to the ledge.  From here you can look east and see Cigar Rock below.

Warning: The overlook is a sheer drop off into the river over 100 feet below.  There is much loose soil and steep slopes leading to this point.  Use extreme caution and do not bring children or animals–unless they are Mountain Goats.

Cigar Rock Washington

View looking over at Cigar Rock.