Fairy Falls is a 20-foot high waterfall above Wahkenna Falls just off  Historic Columbia River Highway in the Columbia River Gorge.  It is a few minute drive from Multnomah Falls and is a great, short, scenic hike in deep woods.

Wahkeena Falls hiking

Wahkeena Falls are just before Fairy Falls on the trail.

The trail starts at the Wahkeena Falls hiking trail and follows up the same hike to get a view of the Waterfall first then continue following well-mrked trailheads to  Fairy Falls.  The parking lot for this trailhead is on the Old Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway and is well marked as the Wahkeena Falls viewing area.  This area is a short 30 minute drive from Portland and is just before Multnomah Falls.  This hike is more strenuous than the Wahkeena Falls trail and climbs an extra 600 feet of elevation making 1400 feet of gain possible.  There are several other trail options nearby.  This trail is well marked and easy to follow.