Franz Lake Wildlife Refuge

Nestled in old growth forest with firs, cedars and pine, this wildlife habitat is host to many songbirds, Ducks waterfowl, tree frogs, and marsh.  this area is in the Columbia River Gorge Scenic area and just off Rt 14 in southwest Washington.  Canada geese, swans, heron and many other birds are found here.  Fishing is possible along parts of shorline in this region but certain restrictions may apply to the nearby lands.  It is important to check with local governing bodies in reguards to fishing limits, times of year and season, and other regulations.

Franz Lake History

In the mid 1800s, many settlers along the Columbia River had claimed lands.  Settlers here like Jacob Franz which the lake is named after, aquired this land around 1850 and it is believed that floods in the late 1800s created the lake on this tract of river. Louis and Kenzy Marr, for which Marrs Landing is named, operated a wood cutting business here.  The business was used to fuel the large steamboats that ran up and down the river during the turn of the century until the 1920s.  Large fishing wheels were also used here to harvewst fish like salmon along the Columbia River.  They were outlawed int the 1930s due to the impact and mass amounts of fish they were capable of harvesting.

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