Gorge at George is also known as the Gorge Amphitheater and is located above the  Columbia River Gorge near George, Washington.  The Gorge Amphitheater is located in the Gorge Canyon north of the Columbia Gorge and offers panoramic views from the  concert arena looking both up and down the majestic canyon walls.  The Gorge at George is host to several multi-day concerts such as the Sasquatch Festival and has previously hosted Liltih Fair, Lollapalooza, Ozzfest, and many famous bands like the Who, Pearl Jam, Journey, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, and many more.

The amphitheater is capable of 23,000 capacity with more available stages and seating in the fields above.  The Gorge at Gorge offers seating in terrace style which makes lawn seating possible high up on the natural grass slope or seats in the mid section and also a pit near the stage for closest proximity.  The Gorge is one of the most sought-after summer concert venues and one of the largest outdoor stages in the world. Food is available at several locations near the stage and around and above the stage.  Typical food includes: burgers, sausages, hot dogs, and other concert-esque food.  Wine varies in price but as of 2012 can cost $44.00 a bottle and beer can be $11.00 a cup.

Camping is available at the  Gorge at George and there are several options.  The on-site camping is available in 4 options:  General camping, premier camping, terrace camping, and Glamping.  On-site camping is great if you are in college and looking for a good time, loud music and noise all night and close companionship with thousands of other campers.  Premier is a slight step up from this.  If you have a good job and want a good nights sleep, do Terrace camping.  You get access to showers with minimal lines, nice quiet campsites, and some very friendly people who run the show there.  There is also security and added safety staying here.  It’s worth the extra money.

You can also camp at the  Feathers on old Vantage road.  This is right near I-90 and is several miles from the venue but offers free camping in a really interesting desert setting with lunaresque landscape and large stone pinnacles surrounding your tent.  It’s typically quiet and you can rock climb here during the day.