Hike Overview

The hike above Government Cove just off Wyeth Road near Cascade Locks is an easy stroll on old logging roads that traverses through deep forested groves.  The pine and leafy tree mix makes great shade in summer and bountiful colors in fall.  This hike is only  two miles out and two back but offers the option to hike farther up on the ridge above Government Cove.  This hike is seldom done and relatively unknown to most Portland hikers.  This hike is slightly longer than the nearby Cascade Locks Hike.  The trail starts off Wyeth Road and enters the forest.  At one mile you pass under the powerline and get great views of the valley below.  A few yards later you enter some large talus fields and

Things to See
Animals, lizards, talus, huge boulders, fields, views of the Columbia.

spot large boulders above and below the trail.  After some slight incline you gain a little elevation and climb to some better peeks at the Columbia River.  Although this hike is shorter and less scenic than most in the Gorge, you can still get some seclusion and a day out on the trail by yourself only a few miles from Cascade Locks.

hiking the gorgeHike Details

Start at the pull off where a gate blocks a grassy road approximatly one-half mile up Wyeth Road from I-84 just past Government Cove.

Hike west, past the gate and follow the grassy road through a beautyful field, then continue west ont his road until you reach a power line.

Cross under the powerline veering slightly left then straight straight finding the same road you came in on restart on the west side of the powerline.

Follow the obvious road for one to three miles depending on how far you want to take this hike.  This is an out-and-back hike so use your discretion and enjoy as much of this old road as you feel comfortable.

You will pass some interesting talus fields and boulders about a half mile past the power line.  This is an interesting place to explore  the talus and moss covered boulders and rocks. Its common to find animals and even lizards here.

Directions to the Trailhead

From downtown Cascade Locks:  Head northeast on US-30/Wa Na Pa Sttoward SW Cascade AveContinue to follow US-30.  Continue to drive on Forntage Road. Turn right onto Wyeth Road and follow it for one half mile to the destination (small pull off at gate) on the right.

Columbia Gorge Hiking