There is a beautiful cove that lies next a Peninsula near Wyeth, Or. This is called Government Cove. It is on the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge and has a great island feel to it. You can park at a gate just off I-84 and hike around this picturesque peninsula. There is a great feeling of solitude here–unless a train comes barreling through on the nearby railroad tracks. Lewis and Clark remarked about these places as being a rocky landscape that appeared to have broken from the higher peaks. These alluring areas provide natural exploration. The banks of the cove are often dotted with fisherman. There are rarely crowds here but it is a very accessible fishing spot. The other side of the peninsula also has great shore to fish from but the cove is the most popular.

Rock Climbing

You can walk around the peninsula in about half an hour and come back to your parking spot so it’s very easy to explore this area. Walking around the cove takes a lot longer but the peninsula/island is the most interesting place to check out. There is a large quarried cliff and some large boulders on the island as well. The cliff is 40-100 feet and it is possible to toprope climbs here. Although this is not a popular rock climbing spot, there are one or two fixed pitons that should be examined closely before use.


Fishing in Government Cove Oregon

Walking around the island.

The Quarry in History

Many quarries along the banks of the Columbia were used to quarry stone for the nearby bridges and attractions as well as staircases along the waterfalls and trails along the Columbia Gorge  Historic Highway.  There are many spots like this that have been used like this over the last century for stone mining purposes.  The clean faces resemble granite but are a much softer rock and composed of basalt.