Horsethief Butte Hike

Hike Overview

The hike around Horsethief Butte is one of the most incredible, awe inspiring, historically significant and satisfying in the Columbia Gorge.  If you were to take away the fact that more Indian petroglyphs  are located here than anyplace else in the Pacific Northwest, take away the rock mazes you can explore and wander through, and take away the year-round trail season you would still be left with a great hike.

If you visit here expect to find a short 2 mile hike that can last an entire day because of all the opportunities you will have to walk through seemingly  endless rock labyrinths and basalt mazes within the butte.  The main hike takes you to the top of the butte where you can see miles up and down the Columbia River Gorge.   Couple this with the opportunity to visit one of the many nearby wineries or brewpubs in the vicinity and you have a day excursion here.

It is highly recommended that if you visit here you check out the petroglyphs here and at the main site on the west side of Horsthief Lake.  This is an amazing resource and opportunity for this part of Washington to have.

The Hike

Start: Start at the Trail head in the parking area just off Rt-14.  Walk west then south heading towards the northwest corner of the butte.

.3 mile Pass around the corner of the butte and head up into the passage to view teh rock walls on both sides.

.5 mile Arrive at the petroglyphs and view or continue to explore the many passages in the butte.

continue back out the way you came in

1 mile Continue left/east to a vista at one mile.  Be careful as very steep and loose cliffs lie below.

2 mile return back the way you came at the parking lot.


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