Horsethief Butte

About the Park

Horsthief Butte is a 500 foot high basalt cliffside that makes a giant Butte adjacent to the Columbia River.  The butte is often windy and a great spot for breathtaking views of the Dalles region of the Columbia River Gorge.    The Butte has Petroglyphs that are located trailside and this area around the butte and just a mile west has the largest concentration of Petroglyphs in the Pacific Northwest.  Having the opportunity to hike past this is as amazing as the views you can get on top the butte.  The park is hot in summer but is a year-round hiking area.  If you visit this spot I highly recommend a visit to the petroglyphs site one mile west at end of the lake.


Visit the Horsethief Butte Hike here for a description and trail beta.  The main trail here is the trail through and to the summit of the butte.  This trail offers the opportunity to scramble through rock outcrops and mazes of basalt columns.  This is the main hiking here but you can find other hikes nearby.

Rock Climbing

Horsthief Butte is a popular rock climbing area and a great winter spot to boulder or climb.  This is a area to lead climb or toprope climbs.  There are no sport routes here but there are plenty of routes here to keep you busy.  The cliff is about 70 feet high and is extremely clean and good quality in most places.  The outer areas are much higher and significantly more chossy.  Bring long slings for topropes and keep away from petroglyphs.  The bouldering here is great in winter.  There are several dozen high quality problems on the passages and shorter walls within the butte complex.  Problems range from VO- to V7.  To access the climbing park at eh parking lot right on 14 and walk the trail to and around the northwest corner fo the butte. This will take you to the climbing and bouldering.


Rattlesnakes are occasionally seen here.  Ticks can be a problem as well as heat in summer.


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