Mcgloughlin State Park


Perhaps one of the smallest, least developed, and least signed parks in Oregon, Mcgloughlin State Park and natural area  is beautiful but limited.   The park had some trails that were wiped out in a flood of the Columbia River in the 90s.  Today the park offers some minor day hiking and an amazing section of the Columbia Gorge Scenic highway that travels to the John B Yeon scenic Corridor    and eventually arrives at nearby Multnomah Falls a few miles away.

The section of the highway that passes through this part of the Gorge reminds you of how beautiful the state of Oregon is and what a blessing it is to have the Columbia in our backyards.  This section of the highway is more crowded that parts west of Multnomah but is great nonetheless to road bike on or drive.

Hiking in the  Park

Old Gorge trail #400 was damaged by the 90s Columbia flood but you can gain parts of this trail and wander through heavily forested parts of the woodlands here.  Elowah Falls is nearby and offers the best option for a great hike and beautiful waterfall views.  This is a 290 foot waterfall that offers amazing views and one of the best short hikes in the Gorge.  Take exit 35 and park at the John B Yeon trail marker and follow signs for Elowah falls.  These well-marked trail signs lead you to the waterfall and it’s only a 1.4 mile round-trip hike.

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