What do you get when you have a 611 foot tall waterfall a few yards away from I-84 one half hour from Portland, Oregon.  You get an amazing opportunity to view one of the worlds tallest waterfalls side by side with 4 million visitors a year.  Multnomah Falls is one of the most visited areas in the Pacific Northwest due to its easy of access and beauty.  Simon Benson donated the land he owned to Portland to make this natural area in the 1900s.  The Multnomah Falls Lodge was built in 1925 and is constructed from every kind of stone that is found in the gorge.  The lodge boasts a gift shop, restaurant and cafe, coffee, espresso and ice cream stand, and other amenities. There is no fee to use this area.

Oregon falls Multnomah

Parking at Multnomah

Indian Lore says that the falls were started as a shower to bathe an indian princess. These falls start at Larch Mountain and flow via underground stream and flow to the falls.