Developed int he early 90s, the  Saint Cloud Wayside is a great stop when traveling along the Columbia Gorge Washington side highway.   This Scenic area has an amazing view of Oneonta Bluffs and looks across at Multnomah Falls.  The area is a large wetland near Franz Lake Wildlife Refuge and has a large field with apple trees.  Thee are several types of fruit here; in fall it’s typical to find blackberry bushes and other types of fruit abundant and a few feet from your car.  This spot is a great spot for picnicking or walking with your dog along the fields and short trails.

Saint Cloud WaysideSt Cloud peak is perched high above this gorge and the fields in St Cloud Wayside.  The  St Cloud road near the entrance to this spot is clearly marked and leads to hiking access points on St Cloud Mountain.  This area is a great stop if you are visiting Franz lake or Beacon Rock just up the road.

If you are driving the Columbia River Gorge and looking for a great spot to stop and have a quiet afternoon whether that be romantic, solitude, reading a book, throwing the ball to your dog; this spot is a must visit on the Washington side of the Gorge.