Starvation Creek Road Hike

Conveniently located off exit 54 in the Starvation Creek natural area. This rest-stop/natural area has many hidden gems that would not normally be apparent for a hike located adjacent to I-84 int he Columbia River Gorge.  The trail is easy and provides views of four waterfalls: Starvation Creek Falls, Warren Creek Falls,  Cabin Creek falls, Hole in the Wall Falls and ends at Lancaster falls then returns back to Starvation Creek.  There are also smaller falls hidden within the interesting cliffs and outcrops along the trail.    The trail here is essentially a section of the old Columbia River Gorge Scenic highway.  You can expect to see wildlife on this trail occasionally as it is lesser traveled than other Gorge trials.  This trail is mostly shaded but does offer escapes into sunlight at overlooks and vistas along road.  Several hikes start from the road/trail that climb higher and are more strenuous than this hike.

Hike Details

Park at exit 54 at the Starvation Creek parking area and walk west on the old highway trail also called the trail here.  parallel the highway for .3 mile.

At .3 mile you will see a switchback that goes uphill and heads towards a viewpoint near Cabin Creek.  This section can be done adding onto a one-mile loop that goes back down to Lancaster falls where you can return on the Old Highway road/trail.

A few hundred feet farther on the road you will hit Cabin Creek Falls.

Near half mile into the trail pass Hole in the Wall Falls.

Reach Lancaster Falls and turn back or continue up the steeper switchback trail to end up near Cabin Creek where you passed it on the hike in.



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