Trillium Lake Cross Country Ski Loop

Trail Overview

When the icy mists of winter clear for long enough to let you gawk at Mt Hoods daunting peak, you realize how important it is to live in the Portland area and enjoy trillium’s splendor.  Trillium lake offers Hood the opportunity to stretch its shadow over your skis while you power below its nearby peak.  The lake itself is a sight to see without the view of Hood but on the days it is visible–and I’m not suggesting you’ll have one–you can get one of the best cross country ski trails in the country under your belt.

The snow levels at this snow park are always high, the powder is good and the area is a safe, well-maintained snow park that has cabins along the trail, a great hut near the entrance and great support crews who volunteer and keep the trails groomed and in fine condition.  A $3 donation as of 2012 is suggested and goes to good use by funding the maintenance here.  Aside for Teacup Lake Nordic trails this trail is quite popular.

Trail Beta

Although most of the trail is wooded and protected from wind, it is important to dress appropriately.  Expect cold and wind, hope for the best prepare for the worst–you know the drill.  Take plenty of water and high energy snacks. Bring a camera! If it’s clear you will get amazing photos.  Keep in mind that this is also a great summer hiking spot and easy access to a gorgeous lake in a high mountain region of Oregon.

Road Conditions

Check road conditions before you venture up near Hood.  The roads sometimes require traction tires or chains to access Trillium Lake and the surrounding area.  You will have good conditions leaving PDX and then have snow usually after ZigZag.  Here is some helpful webcams of the area for Government Camp and before near ZigZag.

The Trail

Start:  Begin at the Sno Park off Rt 26 and follow signs for the Trillium Lake Loop.

At less than a quarter mile you will reach a junction of trails near the cabin.

Follow well-marked signs for the Trillium Loop.  You can go clockwise or Counterclockwise. either way it’s a 2 mile jaunt.

End Return to Sno Park after completing the loop.

Directions to Sno Park

Take Rt 26 to and through Government Camp and look for signs for the Trillium Lake Sno park on the right side of 26 just before the  turnoff for driving to Hood River(Rt 35 and 26 junction).  The  sno park is one of several on the  right side but basically is just before the steep hill on 26 that heads towards Bend.  The lot is busy on weekends and is shared with snowshoers and skiiers.


Trail Conditions Report

Mt Hood Info

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