Wachlella Falls Hike

The hike to Wachlella Falls is one that you need to do if you are a Portland hiker, trail walker visiting form afar, or just a waterfall enthusiast looking for a beautiful walk int he woods.   The hike is a 2 mile out-and-back style jaunt that follows a slight 200 foot elevation gain up a stream that is part of the tanner Creek experience.  The parking lot for this hike is located near Boneville Dam off the south side of I-84.  You need one of several NW Forest passes to park here and the trails are pretty well marked.  Take exit 40 which is only 40 miles outside of Portland to the east up the Columbia River Gorge.  Park at the lot that is farthest back and has forest signage and markers marking the trailheads.

More Hiking Beta For Wachlella Falls

The season to hike here is year round but you get the best waterflow in spring and summer.  Fall and winter can be spectacular too though it just depends on the amount of snowfall higher up and rainfall.  This is a moderate hike and can be done with kids or dogs.  The trail is sometimes found to have higher than normal traffic on weekends with good weather but not as much as the trails closer to Portland.

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