Wormald State Park

Wormald State Park is located in Washington State near Yocult.  This area is in the mountains 40 miles above the Columbia Gorge.  it is popular for camping and short hikes.  it is a very mountainous area near the park and the area is located o some of Washington’s scenic backroads.  The trails in the park are short for hiking but there are many nearby scenic landmarks like Mt Saint Helens,  Lake Merwin, and farther north is Mt Rainer.  This is a great park to get away from crowds and see one of Washington’s lesser known regions and see some wildlife.

Things to Do Near Wormald State Park

You can get some great Salmon fishing in on the river west of Lake Merwin.  Salmon guides are available in the Lake Merwin and Lewis River area and this is one of Washington’s best Salmon spots.  Often you can be out on the river yourself here or with a guide having the trickle of the Lewis river be your only distraction.

Several great hikes can be found near the south side of Mt Saint Helens.  Some of the best hiking on the non-crater side is in the Ape Caves and Lava Tubes.  The hiking and trail system here is unique in that you are hiking in old lava flows and through basalt passages.  This one of a kind experience is one of the traits you find in Northwest trail walking.

Mountian Biking near the park is pretty good.  Although not as popular as the Columbia Gorge classics like Sandy or Syncline, this area has some great off roading possibilities.  The single track on St Helens is not to be missed.

Camping in Wormald State Park is secluded and pleasant. Summer is a great time to camp here.  Picnics or lie by grassy fields in the campsites and have a great time enjoying the Pacific Northwest that few explore in this part of Washington.

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