Park Overview

Wygant State Park is  a designated Natural area in the state of Oregon 6 miles west of Hood River.  This natural area was named after the Wygant family and is a popular spot to begin the Mitchell Point Hike that offers one of the best vistas in the Columbia River Gorge.  This area was once part of the Oregon trail then paved to make the Historic Columbia River Gorge highway.  Today it is a popular tourist spot for a quick pull-off to view a historic landmark like the old highway and trail or to get breathtaking views of the Columbia River from Mitchell Point above.

Helpful Tips

Don’t leave valuables in your car here.  This area has beed a spot for vehicle prowls and break-ins.

Getting to the Park

Take exit 58 off I-84 50 miles from Portland.  Follow signs for Wygant Trail and Mitchell point.  This is the easiest parking area to access trails and vistas.  The Park actually starts 5 miles or so west and above 84 but is inaccessible.  This parking is the most used and is the recommended spot.

Hiking Trails

The two main trails are the Mitchell Point and Wygant Trail.  Both are so well marked that you don’t need this page to describe them in detail but you can check out our Mitchell Point Hike Trail page  if you need more trail beta.